Red carpet Style specializes in not just Hollywood red carpet but High level Formal events such as Black Tie weddings, Gala Events, charity events, Fundraiser events and more for Mother/Daughter clients.

The BD stylists will assist you in selecting the right Gowns and a fully curated look on the red carpet can take you both to a new level, while representing your personal style and or your companies cause or brand identity.

Mothers and Daughters can command any event with the right edge and unique styling that boosts your confidence individually and collectively to become your best selves together.

What you can expect in Red Carpet Styling:


  • Includes 4 Hour Gown session for a Mother & Daughter choosing gown style options through showroom lines or a BD custom Design in studio or virtual. Custom Inspiration Board and Design sketches rendered to give laser clarity on your red carpet finished Looks. (Gowns priced separate.)

  • 1 hour photo session to practice a KILLER red carpet Pose prior to event , any insecurities or flaws that you may have individually will be addressed accordingly. (Priced separately)

  • Makeup/Hair Styling Choices. (Priced separately)()

  • Includes Coordinating a Mother/Daughter Look that will compliment each other and make a red carpet statement.

      Red Carpet Moments truly can define your Style as a Woman and make a mark on your colleagues, friends, family and peers to identify and distinguish your individuality.


A Mother & Daughter attending events together can make a more powerful impression as a duo  or trio than individual style alone.


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