Skincare is one of the most extensive parts of our identity. Skin reveals your age and health more than any other beauty area. This is why your skin’s appearance plays such a major role in females, especially Mothers & Daughters. If you notice your Mothers or your daughters skin you may find similarities in texture and problem areas even at different ages. Mother’s & Daughter’s can learn early on what best fits their skin type through understanding their skin’s connection and how to care for their skin evolution together. This will enable your skin evolution together.

The key to finding the perfect skincare for Mothers & Daughters is connecting youthful to mature skin as a beauty routine.

The BD Beauty Team suggest two different routines.

  1. The Protective Routine- This routine uses treatments that nourish your current skin type and balance your skins  tone ,texture and  to protect your skin resilience

  2. The Preventive Routine- This routine prevents your susceptibility through genetics and skin type to prevent problems caused by aging.

The BD Beauty Team offer Mother/Daughters skincare subscriptions of monthly Beauty boxes designed for your specific Mother/Daughter skincare needs.

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