HOLLYWOOD Beauty Makeover

Mothers & Daughters are the New Stars Showcasing young to mature women to experience the power in Hollywood Beauty.

Bling Duo stylists create rich shades that make a statement in color choice and contour application to define new shapes and add dimension to your features that you didn’t know existed.

Take your Beauty to a classic new level and be the center of attention for your next red carpet event together or social media showcase.


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Inner Sparkle Beauty Makeover

Mothers & Daughters should sparkle from the inside out. 

Bling Duo makeup artists highlight your inner beauty with a natural sparkle makeup design that fit your age and style for an Ultra Sparkle Mother Daughter duo, that will stand out at any occasion.

A natural sparkle and shimmer set a New Glow Up Together.

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FabulousBlingDuos | Scheduling and Booking Website (simplybook.me)

GLAM Stone Beauty Makeover

Every Mother and Daughter is beautiful in their own ways. Let Bling Duo makeup artists enhance your Beauty and highlight your best features.

Glam Makeover boldly creates a brighter version of both of you. Custom color palettes are chosen to customize the right combination for your skin, hair and eyes colors. BD makeup artists create a makeup rhinestone application to bring your Glamourous style to a new level.

All rhinestone designs are applied with non-toxic and Hypoallergenic products.

Book now:  FabulousBlingDuos | Scheduling and Booking Website (simplybook.me)