Rissa & Christine Razzi,Inseparable Mother/Daughter aka “Bling Duo”, are the orginal Mother/Daughter Duo Famously known for “Never spending a day apart” and doing “Everything Together”, they are considered the go to Mother/Daughter for the Mother/ Daughter world.

Rissa (Daughter) is a Trained Fashion Designer with a BFA in Fashion Design from FIT, NYC 2009 and her Mother, Christine who inspired Rissa at a young age with her unique Style and love for Bling to pursue Fashion and attend FIT together, began inspiring Mother’s & Daughters.  Through their own Outrageous relationship and Extreme Dedication to their Mother/Daughter Lifestyle, they launched an Innovative Fashion & Lifestyle Brand to reinvent Mother & Daughters in adulthood, in which has inspired Mother/Daughters nationwide. Bling Duo believe this is a space that has little focus once women reach a certain age.

The Bling Duo Company specializes in Mothers & Daughters growing together through style & lifestyle to enhance their lifestyle together.

The Bling Duo Motto is The Mother/Daughter World shouldn’t be an occasion instead a Lifestyle, helping make Mothers & Daughters (women) their Best versions together.

Their Mother/Daughter expertise creating Mother/Daughter Duos spans over a decade. 

The Bling Duo knows the Mother/Daughter World inside out and their passion is CONTAGIOUS and they are here to change it in every way, one sparkle at a time!