NJ's Premiere Mother/Daughter Lifestyle Brand

NJ's Premiere Mother/Daughter Lifestyle Brand

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The Mother/Daughter Duo Changing the Mother/Daughter World

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     Bling Duo offers a complimentary phone consultation to all new Mother/Daughter clients. They will help you to identify issues you may have with the way you currently dress to help create a wardrobe that will connect you both in any lifestyle.

The first step is looking inside your wardrobes to see what you currently have. Bling Duo will pull out the pieces you should keep, the pieces which will need tailoring, and the pieces that expired.
If Mother/Daughter have separate closets, clean out will be individual or swapped.

Bling Duo will teach you how to mix and match outfits together whether in different careers to create a style connection that fits you both, either a work function, vacation looks, red carpet or special occasions and much more.

Bling Duo or a Certified BD stylist will take you both shopping to give you proven techniques that will refine your shopping experience and bring you a better connection in shopping together.
Stores ranging from off the rack to high end or outlet stores in finding a full shopping guide to transform your shopping power.



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